TOP >> Mienai Lingual Bracket System" is now available at Medix XXI

Mienai Lingual Bracket System" is now available at Medix XXI

Mienai Lingual Bracket System" is now available at Medix XXI.

Glancing at the “Mienai” Lingual bracket, it looks the same as any other lingual brackets.
However, "Mienai" has a lot of secrets that other brackets have never had before.

1st: Upper and Lower 3X3 brackets have a dent in the bottom of the slot, that other brackets have never had before.  It makes the rotation control easy and sure, working with extended slot arm.

(EX)  Vestibular brackets contact with arch wires at 2 points because they are located in inside of Arch wires, however, Lingual brackets contact with AW at single point because they are located in outside of AW.   In addition, diameter of AW is small so that rotation control of 3X3, U&L is quite uncertain and we usually have troubles for their control.

In order to overcome this point, Mienai has a curved slot  that other Lingual brackets never had before.

2nd: Upper 3X3 have bendable large bonding base in order to increase bonding strength.   Frequency of brackets’ broken off  from the teeth is dramatically reduced.

(EX) In spite of small dimension of bracket body, Mienai has large bonding base because bonding strength is directly proportion to the dimension of bonding base.
I haven’t experienced the loosing brackets  so far.

3rd:  Normal ligation is acceptable for Upper 3X3, however Double Over Tie can be set if necessary.   Mienai has enough size of tie wings for elastomeric DOT or Metal DOT.

(EX) Recently so many doctors are trying to establish Virtual set up combined with auto-ligation brackets, why DOT now?
The reason is simple.   The inclination of lingual surface of Upper 3X3 is around 50-65° so that if we try to fit the brackets to Upper 3X3, necessarily they will have high torque, and the angle formed with tie wings and slot becomes almost parallel.
Therefore, DOT is required because conventional tie is not possible to seat the AW at the bottom of the slot.

Hirobrackets that I have been using 15 years have 40 degrees torque just for the purpose of omitting DOT, although thicker resin pad is required I knew.
In short, if we try to make resin pad thinner, the brackets must have high torque so that DOT is required.
If we try to make DOT unnecessary, brackets’ torque must be set less than 45 degrees so that we will have thicker resin pad.
This condition never changes no matter what kind of bracket you use, even for Incognito or Harmony.

4th:  Bicuspids brackets have 3 degrees of torque, and are universal for Upper and Lower, Right and Left, 1st & 2nd Bicuspids.

(EX)  By checking set up models, you will recognize that the inclination of both U&L bicuspids’ lingual surface is full of variety.
You can use the bicuspid brackets upside down, for the better fitting for each tooth.

5th: Bicuspid brackets have a curved, large, bendable bonding base.  This provides strong bonding strength so that I haven’t experienced brackets’ broken off so far.

6th: Bicuspids & Molar brackets have flared end slot.  This decrease the friction between brackets and AWs, and making sliding faster.

7th: Upper & Lower brackets are designed as Extra Wide Twin for the better control of rotation throughout the treatment.


(EX)  May be you will be surprised at the dimension of molar brackets so I did. However, I am sure you like it because of certain control of molars and easier ligation, without spoiling patients comfort.

8th:  Mienai does not have brackets/tubes for 2nd molars, U&L because each clinician has their favor for 2nd molars.   Some Dr. prefer small tube for Vestibular treatment, some Dr. choose auto-ligation tube.   For making you possible to select any kind of appliance you want.

The price is 192 Euro for a package, 5% discount for 5 packages, 10% discount for more than 10 packages.

Attention) To obtain excellent results with Lingual treatment, Laboratory procedure has quite important role  for precise bracket placement. You can download my article for Indirect bonding procedure by clicking here.

Comparison for several Lingual brackets. Mienai 50 is regularly applied for Lower 3X3, Mienai 57 is  for Upper 3X3.