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Who is Dr.Hiro


 Toshiaki Hiro, DDS, Ph.D, JOB, EBO, M-Orth RCSEd, 1st.WBLO by ESLO

1985; DDS from Matsumoto Dental University

1993; PhD degree from Department of Orthodontics, Fukuoka Dental University

1985-1994; Senior Instructor, Department of Orthodontics, MDU

1990; Accredited Orthodontist, Japan Orthodontic Society (JOS) 

1994; Private practice, Shiojiri city, Nagano, Japan

1997; Accredited Orthodontic Instructor, JOS

2002; European Specialist License, Membership of Orthodontics (M-Ortho RCSEd), submitting all cases treated with Lingual, U&L

2004; Accredited Orthodontist, Japan Adult Orthodontic Society(JAOS)

2004; Accredited Orthodontic Instructor, (JAOS)

2005; European Board of Orthodontists, submitting all cases treated with Lingual, U&L

2006; Board-Certified Orthodontists, JOS

2007; Japanese Board of Adult Orthodontists

2008; World Board of Lingual Orthodontics certified by ESLO